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I've enjoyed Arashi for just over a year now. I stumbled across the band while searching for Haruma Miura clips (my bae :D) and came across Vs Arashi TV show. The five guys in the band made me laugh for hours, watching episode after episode of VSA, trying to find any videos that were subtitled. I ended up googling the band to learn more about them and read that they had multiple variety shows that I had never heard of. I immediately went on the hunt for any content I could find. I've collected a few episodes of Arashi ni Shiyagare and Himitsu no Arashi chan (thanks to online subbing communities who rock my proverbial socks) and a couple concert DVD's. After watching The Digitalian concert I was in love with their music and tried to find as many of the albums as I could. I'm still missing a few of them but they quickly became a new obsession for me.

Because of this new found love I have for them I might do a review for all things Arashi, including albums, TV shows and concert DVD. Having this project to look forward to makes me happy and excited. I might make an Arashi tag quiz thingie but I don't really have that many friends who even know who they are. I've seen most of the concert DVD's but I'm always looking for more subtitled episodes and pictures. I keep going back and forth between the members, trying to pick my favourite but I can't decide. I showed my mother an episode of HNA and she immediately took a liking to Jun Matsumoto. She can't remember his name most of the time and just calls him “my boy” but she has some pretty strong competition out there.

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