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Rurouni Kenshin

When I was 14/15 years old I went with a friend to a local nerd store that carried a variety of anime and manga. (VHS bitches!). It was a small collection of content compared to how much the big stores in the city carry but still, it was like a holy oasis for anime lovers in my small town. It was there that I first encountered Rurouni Kenshin. While browsing through some of the collection I happened across a tape with the first three episodes on it. The plot was right up my alley and I enjoyed the art style so I thought I'd rent it and give it a try. What follows could only be described as love at first sight. I was hooked! I returned to the store the next day and rented the other two VHS's that were available and begin binge watching the series over and over again. Mind you I only had access to 10 episodes in total (this was before the convenience of the interwebs) but I rewatched them over and over again, forcing any acquaintance to give it a watch. When the store decided to sell off its old stock I was lucky enough to grab those three tapes and still have them to this day.

So with the love of the anime I was both excited and nervous about watching the live action film that came out in 2012 featuring a wide selection of actors I had never heard of but one in particular would be a new obsession.

Himura Kenshin aka Battousai played by Takeru Satoh

Hhhnnnggh!! He was brilliant. I'm so happy! It was another “Love at first sight” moment for me. And then when he let the darker side of him loose and started to become the Battousai... I knew this would be one of my favourite movies EVER. He made the movie for me.

The fight scenes were amazing. I'm SO impressed with how much effort they made to stay faithful to the anime and mangas. There are three movies that cover almost 90 episodes of the anime so yeah, a lot of stuff was left out but the main plot was so loyal to the original storyline that I really can't complain. I would recommend this to anyone who doesn't mind reading subtitles unless you're fluent in Japanese.

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